My non-resolution Resolution

It’s that time of year to make resolutions. How many of you make resolutions and by the end of January, you have forgotten all about them? I always have good intentions about making Meaningful resolutions, ones that I know I will stick with for sure. Most years I fall dreadfully short. Optimistically, one of my 2014 resolutions stuck, to never let a project sit un-worked on for more than 30 days. I impressed myself when I looked back through my work desk at the end of December and saw only ONE project that I let sit around for more than 30 days without being worked on at least a little bit.

After looking for inspiration for a resolution for 2015, I decided not to make a resolution on how to improve myself, but to be more grateful for what I already have. Now, I didn’t come up with this idea all on my own. Thank you to Slow Family Blog for the inspiration. This is their Gratitude Jar.


Everyday, before I go to bed, or right after it happens, I will write down a moment that I am grateful for. Any moment big or small, happy or challenging, with company or alone. Since I am starting a day late, I will be putting two moments in the jar today. Time to search the house for a pretty little jar OR hit up the thrift store!!!


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