Ready to Sew

Last weekend was a very rainy weekend! The rain was much needed so I decided to go for a walk to the corner burger stand to pick up lunch for the family. I felt so excited splashing in happy little puddles. Wearing my super soft flying geese style cowl. All under my brightly colored striped over-sized umbrella.

in the rain

After a hearty lunch, I decided to get started on my next quilt. I will be making it out of one style block: flying geese. My fabric of choice: Love by Amy Butler. I LOVE this collection!!! I almost didn’t want to cut it up, but just hang it on the wall and adore it. But once the quilt is done, I can lay it on my bed and adore it!


Aren’t these fabrics just beautiful?!


All of my squares cut and sewing lines marked. Ready to go! There are 60 – 7 1/4″ and 120 3 7/8″ squares! This will give me 240 flying geese! 240!!! I think my little squares are as excited as me. See how they are all lined up and ready to be sewn?

ready to sew

If all goes right, I will be entering this one into the county fair. Last year, I entered a quilt I made in the county fair. Here is that quilt! No prizes, but I am super happy that I was able to finish in time and thousands of people got to see my quilt!

garden of birds

I hand embroidered a little hummingbird drinking nectar. If you look closely, it is on the bottom right green block.

garden of birds2

Right now, it hangs on a quilt rack in my room. It turned out to be a bit bigger than my experience quilting, so it was quite a challenge to quilt it. Nevertheless, I am still so happy with the end product.

Now, back to my machine!



Block Swap

In December, I joined a block swap group. I am so excited to be apart of this group! I have been partnered with women from the USA, Australia, UK, and Ireland. Every month, I create one 12 1/2″ block and send it to someone in my group. In return, I receive one block from each person in my group. There are 12 blocks I will be creating and sending out over the course of 2015. Here are a few photos from my January block. This one is headed out over seas! Can’t say where, or it will ruin the surprise.

Jan2015 2

I made this one with Free Spirit Pocket Full of Poppies collection. I love it! It is full of bright and exciting colors. Very modern looking florals. Each block I include my name, where it was made and date. Each block will be completely unique with its own color scheme and design. This is such a great opportunity to make quilting friends all over the world and make lots of new blocks!

Jan2015 3


I have such an exciting year ahead! By this time 2016, I will have a beautiful quilt made by women from all over the world. I will treasure it for always!


You Have My Heart

A while back I saw a photo on Pintrest of a block with heart applique. Today, that image remains in my mind, but honestly, I CANNOT find it again. So I can’t share my inspiration with you. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I found the perfect opportunity to use that block as inspiration for my new “You Have My Heart” quilt.

Just think of the warmth and snuggles that will happen under this quilt! Maybe some good ole fashioned necking! Just check out this sweet, romantic fabric!

YHMH fabric

This quilt is adorned with 48, you read that right, 48 heart appliques from the Riley Blake Lovey Dovey Collection. I machine stitched the hearts to a bright blue fabric that is a very contemporary color contrast to the pinks, purples and red of the hearts.


I just loved looking at the stacks of hearts. Each little heart was a labor of love to get ready to applique onto the blocks!

YHMH applique

All the pretty colors!!!


I wanted to try a different type of quilting this time around and decided to tie quilt it. Each block is tied with bright red embroidery floss, the color of love. A soft pink border finishes the top. The quilt is backed with super soft white minky, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa watching a movie or under the stars on your Valentine’s Date.

YHMH folded

The breeze picked up just as this shot was taken. It was such a beautiful afternoon out while I took these photos. They were shot from my front yard. With the rain we had in December, my geraniums looked so happy. Too bad, we didn’t have any rain in January.

YHMH in breeze

This quilt measures 39″ x 50″. I currently have it up in my Etsy shop with a Valentine’s Day special price.

EDIT TO POST:  I found the link to my inspiration for this quilt. Check out her blog here.