In case you missed it, my family is moving. The moving van arrives on Saturday. I am really going to miss living in this city. It has been a great home. 

All of my stuff packed up and ready to move. I found these awesome decorative boxes at Jo-Ann and they work great for storing my fabric. 

This will not be our last move either. We will be living with family to save up and buy a home. That is the most exciting part! I so look forward to the day when we purchase our own home. The biggest part of it is that we will buy out of state. That’s right. We will leave California and head to Oregon. I am very nervous, yet excited, about that part. 

Another big thing I want to tell you is that I will be adding dolls to the shop!!!  I have several different patterns I will be working on as soon as we get settled after the move. I have a few patterns from Dolls and Dayreams and Bit of Whimsy Dolls

I went shopping and got some beautiful fabric. I will leave it up to your imagination which dolls I will be working on. 

I even will add some felt paper dolls to the shop! Check out the design from Charlaanne

Ah! I am so excited to make all of these dolls!!!!! I won’t forget about quilting though. I have three new projects lined up. 

The new year will be keeping me very busy with all this quilt and doll making, and caring for two growing and beautiful boys! 



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