Last year I participated in several sewing swaps. The biggest was a block swap. I am quite proud of being able to complete 11 12 1/2″ blocks. The 12th person in my group had to drop out at one point so I only needed to make 11 instead of 12.

I used a variety of fabrics and patterns. Some blocks were made from scraps from previous projects and some were made from charm packs. I spent a lot of time scrolling through Pintrest for patterns that I hadnt yet tried and wanted to give a shot. I think my favorite block is the August block. It is a disappearing nine patch made from One For You, One For Me  by Moda.

2015 block swap collage

Here are the blocks I received. Although I should have received 12, I am super happy with the ones I did get. They are so beautiful and all the ladies did a wonderful job! I am so excited to put this quilt together. I received blocks from as far away as the Falkland Islands, England, and Australia! These ladies are incredibly talented.

The other two swaps were a pillow and tote bag swap. Both of those swaps have me a chance to make something I had never made before and I loved that!!!

Here are the totes that were made. The one I made is on the right and the one I received is on the left. I love my bag! It is super cute and just my style. This was my first time making a tote and I have to say that, even though the construction is simple, it was a little challenging. The pocket was not my strongest suit but I am very please with how it turned out.

The pillow swap was fun, too. The pillow I made is on the left and the one I received is on the right. I quilted the pillow I made with scraps from my flying geese quilt (one that I am still working on getting quilted.) I told my swap partner that my living room is chocolate and teal and this is what I got, a perfect pillow!

There was one more swap that I participated in last year but sadly I don’t have any photos. It was a Christmas stocking swap.  I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo of the stocking I made before I mailed it off. It was a lovely lavender with Christmas ornaments. I received two from my partner. One was a small denim and the other was red plaid. The one I received has been packed away because of the move and is in storage.

I probably won’t participate in many swaps this year be jade I want to focus on my business and bringing you more quilts and dolls.

Until next time…



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