I started making dolls! How adorable are these? I know three isn’t many but it is a nice start. 

The first one I made was this fox. I made it for the Craft Junkies monthly auction. This month’s theme is Sweetheart Auction. I felt a rose fabric would be perfect for that theme. I used fabric from Amy Butler’s Love collection. 


Here is the second doll I made. A beautiful mermaid. A few things didn’t turn out they way I wanted with her and I spent extra time making small corrections. But with some hand sewing I was able to make her look great. She was definitely s learning experience. She is currently available in my Etsy shop


 This is the third doll I made. A little monster loving boy. This little guy is so cute. Definitely proud of how he turned out. I was able to take the things I learned before and make this guy just right. He is available in my Etsy shop


I loved making these dolls! They were so much fun. I have tons of fabric for making more dolls.  Just check out some of my stash! I’ve got lots more fabric, too! I’m just itching to make more. Oh, the possibilities. 


I’m just itching to make more. Each doll I make will be available in my Etsy shop

Another type of doll I plan on making is the Tilda doll. I love the endless possibilities with making these dolls, too. 

 Photo credit 

Don’t worry, I will continue to make quilts and I have two I will start working on this weekend. 

Until next time…




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