Niles Antique Fair and Flea Market

This morning I got out of bed early, not because my 3 year old got up early, but because I headed over to the Niles Antique Fair and Flea Market! Oh, it was so exciting to see all the wares the vendors had. Streets were blocked off and parking was already at a premium at 6:40 AM! 

I strolled slowly along the streets, checking out the yard sales I passed as I went to the fair. Then, as I got to the fair, there were so many vendors selling so many wonderful items. 

The area that hosted the fair also had many antique shops open for the event. 

I saw this AMAZING chest of drawers! The colors were beautiful and the size was just right. But, alas, it was a little too steep for my wallet. A girl can dream. 


A stunning antique Singer sewing machine in fabulous condition. 


A baby bassinet full of linens and doilies. 


Beautiful paintings. 


Fun wooden BINGO cards in an old wash basin. 


Lots of vintage hankies! Inspiration struck when I saw them and I purchased a few. Can’t wait to show you what I will have in the works for these delicate hankies. 


Then I came across a quilt shop that I have been meaning to check out for ages! Color Me Quilts. What a darling little shop! And best of all the ladies working inside were so nice and friendly! We chatted about my kids and quilting. I will be heading back soon!


They had this amazing wall hanging quilt. 

They are participating in Row By Row and I picked up the two patterns the were offering. I don’t know when I will have a chance to make the rows, but hopefully soon.  

Here are the samples ones in their window. 


Another vintage sewing machine. This one came with a sewing table. 

If my mom is reading this, do you recognize this metal doll house? I do!  

A friendly older gentleman showed me his vintage quilt collection. He has quilts dating back to the 1920s. Hand quilted, too! They are for sale and I wish I was able to purchase the red and white one! 

I spent just about two hours wondering the streets and loving everything I saw. So many wonderful items and happy people. I would have spent more time there if my baby wasn’t quite so heavy in my belly. I spent the rest of the day recovering. 



Hi, I’m new here

Well, here goes! I am finally giving this blogging thing a try. For more years than I can remember, I would walk into a fabric store and feel in awe and wonder at the beauty of all that fabric, never knowing what on Earth I could make. Thankfully, I have fallen head over heels In Love with quilting. Never thought I would ever quilt. I used to crochet, technically I still do, but don’t do it very much anymore. I save most of my crocheting for long car rides or if I have quilters block (I guess that would be similar to writers block) and I need a distraction.

Anyway one day, or very late at night, when I should have been sleeping, I was spending quality time with Pintrest and found the most stunning piece of art I have ever seen. From that moment on I was hooked. This is the quilt. Isn’t it stunning?! You can check out the quilter’s blog post here.


My first quilt was for my son. I found this adorable little owl fabric and a simple tutorial on quilt making. That first quilt I will cherish and never allow anyone to take a close look at. It is chock full of mistakes. I’m just glad my son loves me no matter what.

Thank you, thank you for allowing me to share with you what I love! I hope you come back as I continue on my quilting journey.

Edit to post:

I wanted to take a photo of my first quilt but it has been very cloudy and rainy here for the past several weeks. Today the sun came out and I seized the opportunity to snatch a quick photo. So here it is, my first quilt, “Whoo, Whoo.” A very sweet and fun owl themed quilt, perfect for a little boy.