I started making dolls! How adorable are these? I know three isn’t many but it is a nice start. 

The first one I made was this fox. I made it for the Craft Junkies monthly auction. This month’s theme is Sweetheart Auction. I felt a rose fabric would be perfect for that theme. I used fabric from Amy Butler’s Love collection. 


Here is the second doll I made. A beautiful mermaid. A few things didn’t turn out they way I wanted with her and I spent extra time making small corrections. But with some hand sewing I was able to make her look great. She was definitely s learning experience. She is currently available in my Etsy shop


 This is the third doll I made. A little monster loving boy. This little guy is so cute. Definitely proud of how he turned out. I was able to take the things I learned before and make this guy just right. He is available in my Etsy shop


I loved making these dolls! They were so much fun. I have tons of fabric for making more dolls.  Just check out some of my stash! I’ve got lots more fabric, too! I’m just itching to make more. Oh, the possibilities. 


I’m just itching to make more. Each doll I make will be available in my Etsy shop

Another type of doll I plan on making is the Tilda doll. I love the endless possibilities with making these dolls, too. 

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Don’t worry, I will continue to make quilts and I have two I will start working on this weekend. 

Until next time…




Mommy Life

It has been four weeks since my little guy arrived! I am not a first time mom so I know what people mean when they say “kids grow up fast” or “it goes quickly,” but oh my goodness, it never ceases to amaze me just how fast time goes.  

Here he is, my little Matthew. Born October 6th. He was a little smaller than his big brother. 


Big brother welcoming little brother home. He is such a happy and excited big brother.   
We hired a professional photographer to take family photos. I took a couple behind the scenes photos. 


We enjoyed pumpkin patch fun! Although my oldest was a little scared of the fake rats and scary decorations.    
This year, we got lucky and he only wanted one little pumpkin. The last time we went to this patch, we got a few too many pumpkins. 


This is also a you pick farm and get to see a goat and horse. 
They had rows and beautiful sunflowers and corn. 

Back to quilting. I am working on hand quilting this Dresden plate with size 8 perle cotton thread. I started to machine quilt it but was not happy with how it was turning out. This will make a stunning wall hanging!


More exciting news! I signed up for Periscope, an app that lets you live stream from your phone. I hope to make my first broadcast this week and hope you will join me. You can find me @kalebarre. The app can be downloaded for free. 


A lot is going on at the Homefront. With my pregnancy progressing, I’m now in my third trimester, I am making a real push to finish as many current projects as I can. I am happy to report that I just might reach my goal. 

I finished the flying geese quilt top and back. It just might get quilted before October. I am still debating on if I want to hand quilt it or send it off to a long arm.  My guess is that I might splurge and send it to a long arm.

Here is the beauty when it still had two seams left to sew. The backing is beautiful as well. I took eight half yards of the same fabric, four on a top row and four on a bottom row. 


That nesting instinct kicked in hard for a few weeks and I worked hard on getting things cleaned up and reorganized around the house. I mainly focused on my son’s room but I also did a little cleaning at my quilt studio, aka my sewing corner in the kitchen.  While cleaning up I found this nautical theme quilt that had been forgotten about. I love that was already almost finished. Just a few quilted wavy lines and the binding.  

To add a nice touch, I made a small pillow case to go with it. The pillow case fits a 14″ square pillow or can be used to store the quilt when not in use. I love how it turned out! It is available in my Etsy shop. I named is “Ahoy Matey.”

I am closing in to finishing the quilt I made for my son’s birth. I used ABC123 by American Jane. 

I love this fabric, it has a lovely retro feel about it. I got a layer cake and used half for the top of the quilt and half for the backing. I got really close to finishing it over the weekend, but I sadly ran out of thread. I will be heading back to the fabric store for more. 

I also have some hand quilting projects in the works. One is English Paper Piecing.

    I started this one in the beginning of June while away on a family vacation Lake Tahoe. I love how relaxing and portable this project is. There is something so very soothing about working on each piece individually then adding the pieces to my design wall, this one is a makeshift design wall make from clear contact paper. Watching it slowly take form. One round at a time. 

I’m not sure how many rounds I want to make. Once I have pieced the whole thing together, I will quilt it by hand. 

The second hand quilting project, I haven’t started yet but I will start once I’m done with my son’s quilt. It is so adorable!!! I will get photos of the fabric as soon as I’m ready to start. I cannot wait to work on this one! 

Today a friend let me play on her long arm! It was so much fun. Boy, this takes a lot of practice.  You can see how sloppy my flowers are. Takes lots of talent! 

This was a long blog post. Thank you for letting me share with you all my projects that I have going on. 


You Have My Heart

A while back I saw a photo on Pintrest of a block with heart applique. Today, that image remains in my mind, but honestly, I CANNOT find it again. So I can’t share my inspiration with you. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I found the perfect opportunity to use that block as inspiration for my new “You Have My Heart” quilt.

Just think of the warmth and snuggles that will happen under this quilt! Maybe some good ole fashioned necking! Just check out this sweet, romantic fabric!

YHMH fabric

This quilt is adorned with 48, you read that right, 48 heart appliques from the Riley Blake Lovey Dovey Collection. I machine stitched the hearts to a bright blue fabric that is a very contemporary color contrast to the pinks, purples and red of the hearts.


I just loved looking at the stacks of hearts. Each little heart was a labor of love to get ready to applique onto the blocks!

YHMH applique

All the pretty colors!!!


I wanted to try a different type of quilting this time around and decided to tie quilt it. Each block is tied with bright red embroidery floss, the color of love. A soft pink border finishes the top. The quilt is backed with super soft white minky, perfect for snuggling up on the sofa watching a movie or under the stars on your Valentine’s Date.

YHMH folded

The breeze picked up just as this shot was taken. It was such a beautiful afternoon out while I took these photos. They were shot from my front yard. With the rain we had in December, my geraniums looked so happy. Too bad, we didn’t have any rain in January.

YHMH in breeze

This quilt measures 39″ x 50″. I currently have it up in my Etsy shop with a Valentine’s Day special price.

EDIT TO POST:  I found the link to my inspiration for this quilt. Check out her blog here.