Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

A little over a week ago I got to go to the Quilt, Crafts and Sewing Festival at the Alameda County Fair Grounds. It was an awesome experience. I went last year and had so much fun that I knew I had to go again this year. I just wish I could have stayed longer. 

I loved all the Cathedral Window style quilts. And the innovative ways of styling it with their “Less Than Traditional” templates and patterns.  This vendor was Quilters Haven and I plan on making a few quilts from their patterns. 


Oh, I just loved all the hand embroidery on these wall hanging quilts. The red work on the Christmas quilt is just stunning. 


These Halloween and Thanksgiving quilts are so fun and modern. I picked up the Halloween pattern for next Halloween. 

More beautiful quilts. 

  So much fabric! I could have gotten lost in there for days! 

What a statement piece this one is! 


Sewing machines! 


Fun long arm machines!  

 Even sweet treats.    
And More sewing machines! 


More quilts!

I wish I could have taken more time there and more photos. There were vendors selling beads and sewing notions and other artistsian crafts. It was such a fun experience. 

 Here are my purchases  I only got patterns but I cannot wait to start making these!!! 


Niles Antique Fair and Flea Market

This morning I got out of bed early, not because my 3 year old got up early, but because I headed over to the Niles Antique Fair and Flea Market! Oh, it was so exciting to see all the wares the vendors had. Streets were blocked off and parking was already at a premium at 6:40 AM! 

I strolled slowly along the streets, checking out the yard sales I passed as I went to the fair. Then, as I got to the fair, there were so many vendors selling so many wonderful items. 

The area that hosted the fair also had many antique shops open for the event. 

I saw this AMAZING chest of drawers! The colors were beautiful and the size was just right. But, alas, it was a little too steep for my wallet. A girl can dream. 


A stunning antique Singer sewing machine in fabulous condition. 


A baby bassinet full of linens and doilies. 


Beautiful paintings. 


Fun wooden BINGO cards in an old wash basin. 


Lots of vintage hankies! Inspiration struck when I saw them and I purchased a few. Can’t wait to show you what I will have in the works for these delicate hankies. 


Then I came across a quilt shop that I have been meaning to check out for ages! Color Me Quilts. What a darling little shop! And best of all the ladies working inside were so nice and friendly! We chatted about my kids and quilting. I will be heading back soon!


They had this amazing wall hanging quilt. 

They are participating in Row By Row and I picked up the two patterns the were offering. I don’t know when I will have a chance to make the rows, but hopefully soon.  

Here are the samples ones in their window. 


Another vintage sewing machine. This one came with a sewing table. 

If my mom is reading this, do you recognize this metal doll house? I do!  

A friendly older gentleman showed me his vintage quilt collection. He has quilts dating back to the 1920s. Hand quilted, too! They are for sale and I wish I was able to purchase the red and white one! 

I spent just about two hours wondering the streets and loving everything I saw. So many wonderful items and happy people. I would have spent more time there if my baby wasn’t quite so heavy in my belly. I spent the rest of the day recovering. 


Giveaway Time

It has been quite a while since the last giveaway. And what better time to do a giveaway than now! About a week ago my Facebook page reached 200 likes! I’m very happy that so many of you enjoy my work.

As a thank you, I wanted to make something for you. So here it is, “The Knitter.”  This whimsical and beautiful mug rug will be the perfect accessory to your desk or table. The mug rug measures 5 1/2″ x 12″, Perfect size for your drink and a small snack, like your favorite cookie.

See how adorable she is sitting atop a giant ball of yarn, among beautiful flowers. Perhaps she is knitting a scarf, or a blanket.

I love her knee high, lace up yellow boots!

So follow the link to the raffle for your chance to win this mug rug! Also, a runner up will be selected and will win 50% off any item in stock in my shop. 50% off! Now, that’s a deal. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you all!!!!!


I found this meme on Pintrest the other night and I found it very fitting. 


Saturday morning I finished making the quilt for my baby boy who is due in October. I am so happy to be finished with lots of time to spare. So many more projects I want to get done before he is born. 

I am really proud of this quilt since I had to sew seams on the biased. 

I’ve named the quilt “Joy.”  It is a happy quilt for a happy event for a happy baby. 

Here is the back of the quilt. I used a layer cake from American Jane ABC123 collection.  Twenty 10″ squares on the front and 20 on the back.  
Argyle stripped blue binding.    

Quilted with a blue grey thread from Guttermann. 

A simple label. I know it is a little hard to read but I really like this blue. 

Onto the next quilt!



A lot is going on at the Homefront. With my pregnancy progressing, I’m now in my third trimester, I am making a real push to finish as many current projects as I can. I am happy to report that I just might reach my goal. 

I finished the flying geese quilt top and back. It just might get quilted before October. I am still debating on if I want to hand quilt it or send it off to a long arm.  My guess is that I might splurge and send it to a long arm.

Here is the beauty when it still had two seams left to sew. The backing is beautiful as well. I took eight half yards of the same fabric, four on a top row and four on a bottom row. 


That nesting instinct kicked in hard for a few weeks and I worked hard on getting things cleaned up and reorganized around the house. I mainly focused on my son’s room but I also did a little cleaning at my quilt studio, aka my sewing corner in the kitchen.  While cleaning up I found this nautical theme quilt that had been forgotten about. I love that was already almost finished. Just a few quilted wavy lines and the binding.  

To add a nice touch, I made a small pillow case to go with it. The pillow case fits a 14″ square pillow or can be used to store the quilt when not in use. I love how it turned out! It is available in my Etsy shop. I named is “Ahoy Matey.”

I am closing in to finishing the quilt I made for my son’s birth. I used ABC123 by American Jane. 

I love this fabric, it has a lovely retro feel about it. I got a layer cake and used half for the top of the quilt and half for the backing. I got really close to finishing it over the weekend, but I sadly ran out of thread. I will be heading back to the fabric store for more. 

I also have some hand quilting projects in the works. One is English Paper Piecing.

    I started this one in the beginning of June while away on a family vacation Lake Tahoe. I love how relaxing and portable this project is. There is something so very soothing about working on each piece individually then adding the pieces to my design wall, this one is a makeshift design wall make from clear contact paper. Watching it slowly take form. One round at a time. 

I’m not sure how many rounds I want to make. Once I have pieced the whole thing together, I will quilt it by hand. 

The second hand quilting project, I haven’t started yet but I will start once I’m done with my son’s quilt. It is so adorable!!! I will get photos of the fabric as soon as I’m ready to start. I cannot wait to work on this one! 

Today a friend let me play on her long arm! It was so much fun. Boy, this takes a lot of practice.  You can see how sloppy my flowers are. Takes lots of talent! 

This was a long blog post. Thank you for letting me share with you all my projects that I have going on. 


Works In Progress Wednesday

It has been too long since I last posted to my blog! Life has been keeping me busy. My now three year old is such an adorable handful. I’ve been helping my husband with his business and trying to take care of myself and my little one on the way.

A couple of weeks ago we found out we are having another BOY! We are really excited to welcome baby Matthew this fall. October seems a long way off though. My favorite time of the year will bring a a new baby boy.

its a boy

On to my current projects. I have two projects that I have already started and hope to finish by the end of the year. Then one more project I have yet to start but MUST finish before my little boy arrives.

First, I am still working on my flying geese quilt. Boy, this is taking me A LOT longer than I anticipated! But I know it will be well worth the effort. As you can see, I am assembling it in blocks. This will make it easier to assemble the whole thing so that I don’t have long rows and long columns to sew, which always seem to mess me up. Each block is made up of eight flying geese. I am keeping track of the order by working in columns and there are six blocks in each column. I am still contemplating hand quilting this but not sure if I am ready to undertake that big task.

image   image

Another project I started a couple weeks ago I started a very relaxing English Paper Piecing project. Here is my inspiration. I found it on the blog Cabbage Quilts.


Here is my fabric choice. Isn’t is just beautiful. I purchased the bundle at The Intrepid Thread. It is called Hothouse Flowers by Mo Bedell. I have already put together the center, with six diamond instead of the eight in the inspiration. I love that I found this great little storage container to keep all the pieces in until I assemble it. I started this project when we were on vacation two weeks ago in South Lake Tahoe. We stayed at this AMAZING cabin up on the mountain and every room had a view of the lake.

image     image     image

We went for a family vacation with our parents and siblings. This is our view from our kitchen window. Isn’t this lake just GORGEOUS! My husband and I even got to have a fancy dinner out, just the two of us, at a nice restaurant at one of the casinos.

image     image

So much will be happening over the course of the next few months, I hope I can keep you all updated on my projects. Until next time. xxxooo

In Case You Missed It…

I know, I know, I know. I haven’t posted in Ages! So, much has been going on.

First: I’m pregnant! As of today I am 12 weeks pregnant. My little peanut is growing fast and my little guy doesn’t quite get what is coming! My due date is in October.


Recently I created a tutorial for making your own English Paper Pieced Hexigon Flower Tutorial. This tutorial was published on the awesome blog, Auntie Em’s Crafts. You can check out the blog post here.

finished hexi

As I am just about to start my 2nd trimester, and I am starting to feel more like myself, I plan on getting back on track with blogging AND quilting!


Ready to Sew

Last weekend was a very rainy weekend! The rain was much needed so I decided to go for a walk to the corner burger stand to pick up lunch for the family. I felt so excited splashing in happy little puddles. Wearing my super soft flying geese style cowl. All under my brightly colored striped over-sized umbrella.

in the rain

After a hearty lunch, I decided to get started on my next quilt. I will be making it out of one style block: flying geese. My fabric of choice: Love by Amy Butler. I LOVE this collection!!! I almost didn’t want to cut it up, but just hang it on the wall and adore it. But once the quilt is done, I can lay it on my bed and adore it!


Aren’t these fabrics just beautiful?!


All of my squares cut and sewing lines marked. Ready to go! There are 60 – 7 1/4″ and 120 3 7/8″ squares! This will give me 240 flying geese! 240!!! I think my little squares are as excited as me. See how they are all lined up and ready to be sewn?

ready to sew

If all goes right, I will be entering this one into the county fair. Last year, I entered a quilt I made in the county fair. Here is that quilt! No prizes, but I am super happy that I was able to finish in time and thousands of people got to see my quilt!

garden of birds

I hand embroidered a little hummingbird drinking nectar. If you look closely, it is on the bottom right green block.

garden of birds2

Right now, it hangs on a quilt rack in my room. It turned out to be a bit bigger than my experience quilting, so it was quite a challenge to quilt it. Nevertheless, I am still so happy with the end product.

Now, back to my machine!


Block Swap

In December, I joined a block swap group. I am so excited to be apart of this group! I have been partnered with women from the USA, Australia, UK, and Ireland. Every month, I create one 12 1/2″ block and send it to someone in my group. In return, I receive one block from each person in my group. There are 12 blocks I will be creating and sending out over the course of 2015. Here are a few photos from my January block. This one is headed out over seas! Can’t say where, or it will ruin the surprise.

Jan2015 2

I made this one with Free Spirit Pocket Full of Poppies collection. I love it! It is full of bright and exciting colors. Very modern looking florals. Each block I include my name, where it was made and date. Each block will be completely unique with its own color scheme and design. This is such a great opportunity to make quilting friends all over the world and make lots of new blocks!

Jan2015 3


I have such an exciting year ahead! By this time 2016, I will have a beautiful quilt made by women from all over the world. I will treasure it for always!